Michael Marchand

Michael Marchand

Co-creator of ProjectYM

Houston, TX (USA)

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It’s time for us to start thinking outside the box when it comes to youth ministry in the Catholic world. The current model that most parishes are using is NOT working. The stats are there to prove that.

Instead of the same old solutions, let’s take a look at how we can: use technology in our ministry, build on biblical principles, learn from other churches, and empower this generation of young Catholics.

Catholic youth groups have got to go — Catholic student ministry is the future.

Michael is a full-time student minister in Houston, TX but spends time each month traveling around the world speaking to teens, young adults, youth ministers and parish leaders.

On top of that, Michael’s is the author of “The E Word” and web guru (creating popular Catholic new media projects like CatholicBands.com, CatholicStudentMinistry.com, FantasyConclave, and PopeTweets). He’s also on the team for great events like RebuildMyChurch, Digital Church Conference and Blueprints.

Oh yeah, and Michael is one of the co-creators of ProjectYM.com

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